We built this for our customers so they could stay onsite while we build their homes. We now have more customers that just want the container ....

We used up to 85% recycled material, led light globes, a new air transfer system, low e glass, double insulation and more.

Modular building is the future in truly sustainable construction.

This small modular building had humble beginnings as a shippping container. It was built in three weeks from a base to completion. The project has been built as a prototype to combat the housing affordabilty crisis. Although the container is small in size it boasts a lot of unique qualities. The container is very strong alowing it to be easily relocatable with minmal cost and effort. The container also has a thermostatic controlled air circulating system that automaticallly turns on and off to suit the climate and the forecast climate.

We are currently building several larger options so stay tuned for more innovative designs and modular buildings.

Sustainable features include
  • Led lighting
  • Weathertex linning boards (recycled)
  • Low E glass (recycled)
  • double insulation To stop the transfer of heat between inside and out the container has two wall cavities, insulated floor, roof and ceiling.
  • 1 20 ft shipping container (recycled)
  • recycled timber window frames
  • Solar power

80% of the material in the building has been recycled and reused to reduce the cost of the structure and also to reduce the impact on the environment.

The building has also been built in a controlled environment which increases quality whilst reduces the need for traveling to site and having generators and material deliveries. This inturn reduces the build time and the construction costs.

The Eco Shell boast several award including:

  • Best Sustainable design 2011 National
  • Commendation┬áBDA: Environment Design

We have a video on youtube that has had over 125 00 hits